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Loved the tessellations!

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Thank you so much for the extremely clear and well written explanations, charts, and graphics in your "Figurative Tessellation Method"! After much frustrated reading and researching using other sources, your document finally enables me to understand tessellations both mathematically and as an art form. And an extra BIG thanks for making this incredible info available online for free. You are simply awesome!!

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I only read this article. I am sure the book is even better. One of the best articles and presented with clarity and finesse. Thanks.
I am planning to present this in my blog.
Jayaram Krishnaswamy

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Wonderful work, thank you so much for the complete and informative article! I will forward this to our art teacher who will be thrilled to use it with her class.

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Geometry teacher assigned tessellations as a project and this got me an A!

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Juste magnifique ! Merci pour ce partage ( et la jolie photo de Lucky sur le pavage canin )

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Magnificent work. Thank you for making it public.

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